Orlando Pride Coach Tom Sermanni, Orlando City’s Early Hole and the Search for the Next Messi

This week’s episode puts the Orlando Pride on center stage as we prepare for their season opener against the Utah Royals at Orlando City Stadium this Saturday at 7:30pm. Head coach Tom Sermanni joined us to preview the 2018 season and share his thoughts on the match.

We also welcomed on author Sebastian Abbot, author of the book The Away Game: The Epic Search for Soccer’s Next Superstars. It is a fascinating story of how a rich dude in Qatar has searched through more than five million kids to invite a couple hundred to his academy in the hopes of finding a soccer prodigy.

Eventually, we begrudgingly recap the Orlando City match against NYCFC and debate how much longer the team has to right the ship. Injuries and developing chemistry are legitimate reasons for a slow start, but eventually the team is going to need to put points on the table or they will be in a hole from which they cannot escape.

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NYCFC 2, Orlando City 0: A Match in Three Tweets

You know it was a bad match when the highlight is dumping on another team’s stadium.

Heath’s Revenge “Cause for Concern” but It’s Still Only March

This week’s episode is all about Adrian. His return to the stadium he helped build was the dominant storyline of the weekend. Orlando City’s loss to their old manager has some people, like Lord Commander of the UCF Knight’s Watch Charles, mashing the panic button. We here at Orlando Derby prefer to see it merely as a cause for concern this early in the season.

We also brought on our Soccer Sherpa, Simon Venness (author of Defying Expectations: Phil Rawlins and the Orlando City Soccer Story) to break down what went wrong for the Lions and if there is reason to be hopeful heading into the first road trip of the season.

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Also, check out the reaction from Heath below, as well as comments from Lion-tamer Ethan Finlay, who had both Minnesota goals.


Our First Show of the 2018 Orlando City Season!

After the incredible opening night for the Lions, we had too much to talk about in just a one-hour show, but we did our best to cram as much as we could into the first episode of the MLS season.

This week’s show features a complete recap of the incredible 1-1 draw City pulled out while down a man (or down two if you count the ref). Charles, Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, joined us to talk about arguably the greatest tifo of all time that sent goosebumps throughout Orlando City Stadium. Then our “Soccer Sherpa” Simon gave us his insight on all of Saturday’s action, which was the first City match he was able to watch from the stands instead of the press box.

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Our Soccer Sherpa Returns to Talk OCS Makeover, Big Expectations for the Pride and West Brom Players Commandeering a Taxi

In this week’s edition of Orlando Derby we welcome back Simon Veness, our program’s Soccer Sherpa. Simon, Doc and Charles discuss the rumored latest addition to the Orlando City Lions, center back Lamine Sané, as well as the lofty expectations for the Orlando Pride. Simon and his wife Susan also share a great story from their book,Defying Expectations: Phil Rawlins and the Orlando City Soccer Story, about Dom Dwyer and Phil Rawlins. Be sure to check out their book signing next Monday at The Lion’s Pride Pub on Church Street next Monday from 5-8pm!

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“Defying Expectations” Book Signing Monday, 2/26!

Our Soccer Sherpa, Simon Veness, and his wife Susan are having a book signing party for their tome Defying Expectations: Phil Rawlins and the Orlando City Soccer Story. It will be at the Lion’s Pride Pub on Church Street from 5-8pm on Monday, February 26. Come join us for fun night and pick up a copy of this must-read for any Orlando soccer fan!

Doc Joins the Iron Lion Firm, US Soccer Elects “New” President and Orlando City Stadium Is Up for an Award

In our latest episode (Monday, 2/12), we review the latest Orlando City preseason moves, debate the future of US Soccer after electing a new president and the Iron Lion Firm officially inducts Doc into their ranks.

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Is Kaka Headed to China? Will MLS Ever Stop MLSing? Are You Ready to Hate?

Questions abound in the latest edition of Orlando Derby. Our resident Soccer Sherpa, Simon Veness, gives us the answers to inquiries about how the MLS manages to constantly shoot themselves in the foot, what effect China might have on the MLS and why Kaka might be heading over there.

Then Charles (Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch) cracks open a six-pack of Haterade to let us know why we should be hating on the other clubs across the state.

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Intro Segment: Are the MLS Playoffs Worth Watching?

The second legs of the MLS Conference Finals are this week. We recap the stories behind the first legs, both on and off the pitch.

If anyone has a reason why they would start one match before the other is over, we would love to hear it.


Segment Two: Will Kaka Heading to China Cost All of the Tea?

Kaka is reportedly in talks with Chinese Super League side Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng. We discuss his move to the other side of the world, and discuss whether China’s deep pockets will have any effect on the ability of MLS to sign star players in the twilight of their careers.

Segment Three: Who Should Doc Adopt As His EPL Team?

Our regular listeners know that Charles is full of hate. It is part of his charm. For our last segment this week, we turn the reins over to him so he can try to convince Simon and Doc that they should develop an irrational hatred of the other soccer clubs in Florida.

No nosotros gustamos Rowdies!

Can Man City Be Stopped? Why Does MLS Screw Up Everything? Who Should Doc’s EPL Team Be?

Orlando City has yet to spend a lot of air time on the Premier League, so this week we make up for it with the insight of our Soccer Sherpa, Simon Veness. We also spend some time trying to guide Doc toward picking the right EPL team for him to adopt. Throw in a little MLS Playoff talk and you have this week’s episode.

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Intro Segment: Will Manchester City Fall Back to Earth?

With just over a quarter of the season in the books, Simon Veness (Orlando Derby’s Soccer Sherpa) provides his unique insight into the early-season dominance of Man City, which teams can possibly give them a fight and which squads in the basement are most likely to avoid relegation.


Segment Two: MLS Playoffs and Screw the Crew Owner

The MLS Conference Semifinals begin tomorrow, so we predict the finals match-up and talk to listeners about their take on who will win it all. Also, Doc tried in vein to get Charles to have some empathy for Columbus Crew fans and root for them to give their supporters a title on their way out the door.

Segment Three: Who Should Doc Adopt As His EPL Team?

Doc is still a fledgling soccer fan when it comes to squads other than Orlando City and the US National Teams. Since following a league is always much more fun when one has a vested interest in a particular team, Doc has asked the listeners and crew of Orlando Derby to help him decide which team is the best fit for him as a fan.

Italy Pulls an America, UCF Women Get Hosed and a Fan Gets Kicked in the Face

Orlando Derby runs the gambit on this week’s episode. We recap the final World Cup qualifying matches, talk college soccer with UCF Women’s Coach Tiffany Sahadak and give our thoughts on who stayed and who was jettisoned in the Great Orlando City Purge of 2017. The last topic also lead us into a discussion of fan/athlete altercations, including another Manchester United related kick to the face of a fan.

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Intro Segment: Rome is Burning

USA 🇺🇸: “Our missing the World Cup is a huge blow to the growth of the sport here.”

Netherlands 🇳🇱: “Our missing the World Cup is a huge blow to the whole tournament.”

Italy 🇮🇹: “Hold my Peroni.”


Segment Two: UCF Women’s Soccer Coach Tiffany Sahaydak

UCF Women’s Soccer Coach Tiffany Sahadak joined us to review their season and she gave us her thoughts on the “Hand of Goddess” that ended their championship hopes and had fans up in arms. Does this look like a handball to you?

Segment Three: The Orlando City Purge and Fan/Athlete Altercatons

Orlando City sacked half their squad this week. After another incredibly disappointing season, fans do not seem to upset with the victims of The Purge. We review the list of who stays and who is history, which then spawned a discussion on fan/athlete altercations.