Pride Fall Short of Title Game, OCS Eliminated from Playoffs and Christian Pulisic: Wunderkind

We are posting last week’s show a little late. You can listen to the entire show or just catch your favorite segments.

Full show

If you are one of our listeners who prefers to have the entire show as one file instead of listening to individual segments, we how have the entire show uploaded for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Intro segment: Orlando Is the Soccer Capital of America

We discuss the USMNT win over Panama. At the time we did not know that it would not matter, but we were focused less on the result and more on how Orlando showed up to support our nation’s team.




Segment 2: Wunderkind

Is Christian Pulisic the next Tiger Woods or the next Michael Jordan? We discuss the difference and have what turned out to be a very premature conversation about how his World Cup appearance will effect young athletes whose parents might be turning them away from football.



Segment 3: Pride Goeth with a Fall

The Orlando Pride fell in Portland to the Thorns, coming up one game short of playing for the NWSL title in front of their home crowd. We recap the match and the season for Orlando’s women’s side, and look toward their bright future.

Segment 4: Fun with the FA Cup and the Book on Phil Rawlins

Can you tell the difference between the names of real British Clubs competing in the FA Cup and names that are made-up gibberish? See what a poll of soccer fans in a pub for the matches had to guess.

Also, Simon and Susan Veness literally wrote the book on Orlando City Soccer founder Phil Rawlins. It is called Defying Expectations and you can purchase it on Amazon or wait for their upcoming book signing after the season! Details to come!

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