Kaka’s Last Match in Purple, UCF Post-Season Preview, the MLS Playoffs and a Tribute to a Beloved OCS Supporter

It was a melancholy edition of Orlando Derby tonight. While we had fun talking about the UCF men’s and women’s teams making the post-season and recapping the Orlando City friendly with Puerto Rico on Saturday, our main story tonight was the passing of Joseph Campo and his impact on Orlando City supporters. If you can, please donate to the GoFundMe campaign for those he left behind.

Full Show


Intro Segment

Doc and Charles discuss Kaka’s last match in purple, the UCF men’s and women’s teams advancing to the post-season and pay tribute to Joesph Campo.

Segment Two: Fuerza Puerto Rico and Supporter Traditions

Orlando Derby recalls their favorite moments from the final match of the year for Orlando City, which gives way to a discussion about the pre-game traditions of both The Ruckus and the Iron Lion Firm.

Segment Three: MLS Playoffs

The MLS playoffs are down to the Final Four. Can the Columbus Crew give their fans a championship before the club owner dumps all over them by moving the team to Austin?

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