Italy Pulls an America, UCF Women Get Hosed and a Fan Gets Kicked in the Face

Orlando Derby runs the gambit on this week’s episode. We recap the final World Cup qualifying matches, talk college soccer with UCF Women’s Coach Tiffany Sahadak and give our thoughts on who stayed and who was jettisoned in the Great Orlando City Purge of 2017. The last topic also lead us into a discussion of fan/athlete altercations, including another Manchester United related kick to the face of a fan.

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Intro Segment: Rome is Burning

USA 🇺🇸: “Our missing the World Cup is a huge blow to the growth of the sport here.”

Netherlands 🇳🇱: “Our missing the World Cup is a huge blow to the whole tournament.”

Italy 🇮🇹: “Hold my Peroni.”


Segment Two: UCF Women’s Soccer Coach Tiffany Sahaydak

UCF Women’s Soccer Coach Tiffany Sahadak joined us to review their season and she gave us her thoughts on the “Hand of Goddess” that ended their championship hopes and had fans up in arms. Does this look like a handball to you?

Segment Three: The Orlando City Purge and Fan/Athlete Altercatons

Orlando City sacked half their squad this week. After another incredibly disappointing season, fans do not seem to upset with the victims of The Purge. We review the list of who stays and who is history, which then spawned a discussion on fan/athlete altercations.

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