Can Man City Be Stopped? Why Does MLS Screw Up Everything? Who Should Doc’s EPL Team Be?

Orlando City has yet to spend a lot of air time on the Premier League, so this week we make up for it with the insight of our Soccer Sherpa, Simon Veness. We also spend some time trying to guide Doc toward picking the right EPL team for him to adopt. Throw in a little MLS Playoff talk and you have this week’s episode.

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Intro Segment: Will Manchester City Fall Back to Earth?

With just over a quarter of the season in the books, Simon Veness (Orlando Derby’s Soccer Sherpa) provides his unique insight into the early-season dominance of Man City, which teams can possibly give them a fight and which squads in the basement are most likely to avoid relegation.


Segment Two: MLS Playoffs and Screw the Crew Owner

The MLS Conference Semifinals begin tomorrow, so we predict the finals match-up and talk to listeners about their take on who will win it all. Also, Doc tried in vein to get Charles to have some empathy for Columbus Crew fans and root for them to give their supporters a title on their way out the door.

Segment Three: Who Should Doc Adopt As His EPL Team?

Doc is still a fledgling soccer fan when it comes to squads other than Orlando City and the US National Teams. Since following a league is always much more fun when one has a vested interest in a particular team, Doc has asked the listeners and crew of Orlando Derby to help him decide which team is the best fit for him as a fan.

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