When George RR Martin Thinks You Have Trouble Finishing, Things Are Not Good

We took an unfortunate turn back to the Land of Pessimism this week after Orlando City dominated the stat sheet against the LA Galaxy but failed to log a point at home yet again. At this point, the lack of finishing is no longer a statistical anomaly or bad luck.There is a problem. But what is it and how do the Lions fix it? Doc, Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch Charles and our “Soccer Sherpa” Simon discuss and debate the questions and answers.

Plus, Charles and Doc debate whether the news that Flavio might sell the team are a good thing or bad thing for Orlando City. Doc wants to warn fans to be careful what they wish for. Charles is not so sure. Also, Simon presents another fantastic Four Minute Monologue.

On the bright side, City will not lose a match for at least three more weeks as the MLS goes into their Gold Cup break. We preview the Gold Cup as well as the Women’s World Cup, as well as discuss how FIFA could possibly make the mistake of having both finals on the same day.

Listen to the full show here:

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