Don’t Look Now, but City Is Tied for a Playoff Spot

This week on Orlando Derby we dissect Orlando City’s four-point week and current position on the MLS table just under the red line. The prevailing gripe from Lions fans after the last-second draw with Minnesota was that Orlando cannot hold a lead. Our “Soccer Sherpa”, Simon Veness, joined us to explain why that theory is bunk.

Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, Charles, also joins the program. The crew talk about the bittersweet feelings that playing Minnesota brings up since we all love Adrian Heath. They also discuss Wayne Rooney lighting up the MLS officials, proving that it is not just City fans who hate PRO referees.

The big question of the day: would you risk jail and become a cross-dresser in order to sneak into a stadium and see your favorite soccer team play? Find out why we asked by checking out the episode.

You can listen to the full show here:

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