We Come to Bury the 2019 Season, Not to Praise It

While Doc is choosing to be delusional and cling to the slimest of hopes that Orlando City can make the playoffs, Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, Charles, and our “Soccer Sherpa”, Simon Veness are living in the real world. The three of them recap the vomit-inducing performance of the Lions in Houston, and Simon transforms his Four Minute Monologue into a Four Minute Epilogue.

The lack of good things to talk about for the Lions means room for other topics on the show this week. The crew discusses why Christian Pulisic is not getting minutes, Megan Rapinoe winning FIFA’s The Best award and a Jamaican soccer team getting struck by lightning on the pitch!

We will also talk about why in the blue hell anyone other than Liverpool and Manchester City fans should bother watching a match this season, as well as offer counselling sessions to the poor fans of Watford.

Listen to the full show here:

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