Don’t Look Now, but City Is Tied for a Playoff Spot

This week on Orlando Derby we dissect Orlando City’s four-point week and current position on the MLS table just under the red line. The prevailing gripe from Lions fans after the last-second draw with Minnesota was that Orlando cannot hold a lead. Our “Soccer Sherpa”, Simon Veness, joined us to explain why that theory is bunk.

Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, Charles, also joins the program. The crew talk about the bittersweet feelings that playing Minnesota brings up since we all love Adrian Heath. They also discuss Wayne Rooney lighting up the MLS officials, proving that it is not just City fans who hate PRO referees.

The big question of the day: would you risk jail and become a cross-dresser in order to sneak into a stadium and see your favorite soccer team play? Find out why we asked by checking out the episode.

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Orlando’th Cup Run Ith Over; Pereyra Era Beginth

This week’s Orlando Derby is a mixed bag of emotions for us. Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, Charles, is taking Orlando City’s Open Cup Semifinals loss to Atlanta a lot harder than Doc. The two debate what Supporters should take from falling short of hoisting a trophy, as well as how City fans should feel about watching Adrian Heath guide Minnesota United FC to the Finals.

However, both of them are hopeful for what new Lions’ signing Mauricio Pereyra can bring to their MLS Playoff push. They also discuss whether the point gained in Toronto is a positive or a negative, given Orlando’s propensity for not being able to hold leads in matches.

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Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuumbllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday’s win over FC Dallas put Orlando City right back into the playoff hunt, but as fun as that was, all our focus this week is on the Open Cup match tomorrow against Atlanta United. There are no excuses, kids. Be there tomorrow night to cheer on the boys! Tickets are only $15. Concession prices are slashed. The opponent could not be more hated. It cannot come soon enough.

Doc and Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, Charles, spend the first half of the show recapping Saturday’s victory and the road that brought the Lions to the Open Cup semi-finals. Our “Soccer Sherpa”, Simon Veness joins us for the second half of the show to preview tomorrow’s match, including a fantastic Four Minute Monologue to help get everyone amped up for literally the biggest match in club history.

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Ladies & Gentleman…The Orlando City Talking Head All-Stars!

This week we decided to honor Orlando hosting the MLS All Star Game by having an “All Star” show featuring members of your favorite City podcasters. Michael from The Maneland, Eddie the Commish from Orlando Lions Den and Austin from Orlando Soccer Show joined Doc, Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, Charles, and our “Soccer Sherpa” Simon for a lively discussion of the Lions, soccer and more!

A huge “thank you” to all of those gentlemen for making the episode a success. We all hung around for an hour after the show shooting the shit, and we wish we had been recording it. Next time we will need to make it two hours!

The main takeaway from this week’s show: get your ass to Exploria Stadium on Tuesday, August 6 for the US Open Cup semi-final match versus Atlanta United. Cheap tickets, cheap concessions and a chance for a Finals berth against a rival mean there are no excuses for the match to be anything other than a sell out. Vamos Orlando!

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City, Much Like Local College Students, Can’t Finish

It was a roller-coaster week for Orlando soccer fans. After gutting out a gritty draw on the road, mid-week, with a limited roster and little rest, Orlando City dropped their match at home to the New York Red Bulls, the crossbar and the goal posts. It was gut-wrenching, but it was also the Lions’ eighth game in 26 days. The Orlando Pride helped ease the pain by capping off their “Welcome Home” match for their World Cup stars with a 1-0 win.

We discussed all that and more with Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, Charles, and our “Soccer Sherpa”, Simon Veness. Simon also regaled us with another fantastic Four Minute Monologue. This time he made things a little dusty in the studio as he talked about this incredible tweet that has taken the soccer internet by storm.

Plus, we welcomed on Lakeland Tropics GM Andrew Ross. His unbeaten team is in the Final Four of the UPSL and looking to bring a title back to Florida.

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Orlando City Soccer Has Its Woodstock

Years from now, tens of thousands of Orlando City fans will claim they were there for the Running of the Wall, but only a lucky few can say it honestly. Those who were there had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we do our best to share what it was like. Doc was there. Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, Charles, was not. So we brought in Greg, a Capo in the Iron Lion Firm, to provide his first-hand account of his dash down the East Concourse.

We also welcome in our “Soccer Sherpa”, Simon Veness, who not only shares his experience watching the events unfold at home on ESPN+, but also provides a fantastic Four Minute Monologue recapping the crazy three matches in seven days as well as laying out the next three weeks ahead for the Lions.

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U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! (and so much more)

There was too much soccer to get to in one hour today, but we gave it our best shot. First and foremost, the United States Women’s National Team brought home a second consecutive World Cup trophy. Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, Charles, was not pleased that some members celebrating the bug victory dropped the American flag.

Our “Soccer Sherpa”, Simon Veness, was on top secret assignment this week, but was able to put together a Four Minute Monologue that boils down an incredible week of soccer into one tasty morsel.

In addition to the US bringing home another World Cup title, Orlando City had two matches against the Philadelphia Union (one of which we do not need to speak of again), the US Men’s National Team came up just short in the Gold Cup final and the Orlando Pride get a much-needed victory before their nine (yes, nine) World Cup players return to Orlando.

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It’s a Soccer Smorgasbord This Week!

There was so much to pack into our hour this week. There was the high of Orlando City’s three points on the road in Columbus, the low of that Wayne Rooney goal (that freakin’ guy…) and the relief of the United States Women’s National Team getting past France and into the World Cup semifinals.

Our “Soccer Sherpa”, Simon Veness, touches on all that and more in his (extended) Four Minute Monologue, and Lord Commander of the UCF Knights’ Watch, Charles, joins us to give the supporters’ perspective on the Lions gauntlet of games in June and July. We also discuss the US Open Cup quarterfinals match coming up next week at Orlando City Stadium.

That’s not all! We also discuss a soccer club protesting the officiating by flat out refusing to play, forcing the referee to call the match, and ponder why in the world a soccer club would name itself Flat Earth FC. That is a true story.

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Both Orlando City and USWNT Survive and Advance

This week we celebrate a pair of Cup wins. The US Women’s National Team survived Spain and some “controversy” over the officiating to move on to take on host (and World Cup favorite, according to some) France on Friday. Meanwhile, Orlando City needed extra time to quell the New England Revolution and advance to the quarterfinals of the US Open Cup.

We also welcome back our “Soccer Sherpa”, Simon Veness! He not only gives his expert analysis of the World Cup, but also graces us with his Four Minute Monologue. This week’s main topic: Orlando City has a golden opportunity to put themselves squarely in the MLS Playoff hunt.

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US Open Cup or MLS Cup? A Short Debate. (also, U-S-A!)

This week on Orlando Derby we have plenty to talk about from the Women’s World Cup. Our “Soccer Sherpa” Simon is back to discuss not only the USWNT’s dominance so far, but also a crazy match between France and Nigeria today. He also finally gets to give his parting shots on Josue Colman.

Lord Commander of the UCF Knight’s watch, Charles, also joins the program. he and Doc got into an impromptu debate over whether it is better for Orlando City to win the US Open Cup or the MLS Cup. Doc is in the clear minority wanting to have the club’s name stamped on a trophy that has been given out for more than a century.

Speaking of the US Open cup, come out to support the Lions as they take on the New England Revolution on Wednesday. The concessions will be specially priced for the match, and there are plenty of great tickets still available.

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